Bais Rivkah buys dormitory for out-of-town students


Bais Rivkah High School in Crown Heights purchased a 6-story building on East New York Avenue as a dormitory that could accommodate 65 out-of-town students – among them girls from Shluchim. Whole story

By the COLlive journalist

Bais Rivkah High School in Crown Heights, which until now had no central dormitory for its out-of-town students, has finally purchased a new building for this purpose.

“Until now, sending a student from out of town has had the added difficulty of having to find accommodation and meals for that student,” the rabbi said. Moshe Pinsonthe director of school development.

This meant that many Shluchim or others who lived outside of Crown Heights and wanted to send their daughters to Bais Rivkah High School had to find a basement or a house for their daughter, as well as roommates or family to board with, which which added a lot of extra. work, expenses and worries.

“When our eldest daughter was getting ready for high school, with considerable effort, we were able to find her a place in Bais Rivkah’s only small dormitory on Crown Street,” the rabbi said. Mendy Uminer, Shliach in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, told COLlive. “But when our next daughter was ready for high school a few years later, we also tried, but there was no room this time around.”

Rabbi Uminer says the children of other Shluchim were also stuck without a place, so he teamed up with two other Shluchim to rent another location.

“At great expense, we opened another dormitory,” he says. “We had to organize the rental of the premises and furnish it ourselves. It was a big challenge. »

When this dorm filled to capacity, they rented a full house, and soon the students of Bais Rivkah High School were divided into three separate dorms in the neighborhood, which is not ideal, since each dorm has its own expenses and needs a dorm counselor and dorm mother.

“Also, with the girls separated like that, it wasn’t the best atmosphere, like in the other dorms at the school and the Yeshiva,” Rabbi Uminer says.

To eliminate extra work for parents, Bais Rivkah recently purchased a 6-story building on East New York Avenue that will serve as a dorm for girls attending high school. The project became a reality thanks to the hard work and dedication of Bais Rivkah’s Board of Directors and Rabbi Sholom Goldsteinadministrator, accompanied by a group of supporters.

Located directly across from the Bais Rivkah Campus Chomesh on Lefferts Avenue, its proximity will allow use of the school’s kitchen, gym and outdoor space. The newly constructed building can accommodate 65 students and will provide a space for the girls to feel at home and provide them with a safe, secure and warm environment. The school will also provide building security to ensure the girls are safe at all times. It is scheduled to open next fall.

Shluchim whose daughters will be attending Bais Rivkah High School next year are thrilled and grateful for the new dormitory that will be available for the students.

“It’s so crucial for the girls and their families,” says Rabbi Uminer. “The Shluchim who live far away sacrifice so much to send their children away from home, and for them not having a suitable place to send them was heartbreaking. It’s way too late, and I’m very grateful to Moshe Pinson and the vaad for their hard work. The fruit and the reward of this effort will certainly be far greater than any investment necessary to achieve it.

“The appreciation we feel for Bais Rivkah is immense,” the rabbi said Yosef Spalter, Shliach in Montville, NJ. “To go above and beyond in welcoming and investing in our children, not only educationally, but also for their physical and emotional well-being.”

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