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NAVI MUMBAI: A Cidco survey to find out the actual owners of more than a lakh of apartments, shops and other properties it has built from Airoli to Dronagiri through comprehensive data collection although a noble exercise has problems.
The purpose of the investigation is to find the unauthorized possession and validate the beneficial owners through attribution papers for the new owners or transfer documents for the second owners, and then to verify if the required procedure was followed.
Residents of large Cidco condominiums in the oldest and most developed node, Vashi, received the letter towards the end of the stipulated six-month period to complete the survey.
The letter, which residents received in condominiums in Sector-29 and other areas around Diwali is dated April 21, 2017. The agency contracted for the investigation sent its representatives to Cidco buildings, but did not not visited individual apartments as required to unearth details. The occupants of the apartment, including several tenants, only received the letter last weekend.
The six-month period has already ended. An officer from Cidco said: “As far as I know the survey is already complete”, but a senior statistician said: “We have completed 98% of the survey and those whose details had not yet been will be obtained soon. They can download the documents online and we have mentioned the email id. ”
Senior PRO, Mohan Ninawe, said: “We ask the occupants to provide the details as there are many cases of illegal and unauthorized occupation of apartments. Those who are the owners will benefit if the transfer documents are in order. In cases where they fail to transmit the data, we will check with our properties database. ”
Cidco hired an agency for this massive investigation because “several of our properties had been illegally occupied for a value of several million dollars, and some of them were recently put up for sale.” The long-term idea, Cidco said, would be beneficial to both Cidco and the owners, and could prove useful when reshuffling companies.
According to the investigation plan, the agency sends its representatives who visit individual buildings such as bungalows developed by Cidco or condominiums to gather information from the occupants. If it is occupied by a tenant, the agency asks the occupant to notify the landlord of the investigation.
Owners – first, second and thereafter, if applicable, require providing documents such as the letter of award (those who are the original and first-time owners and continue to stay) or the copy of the transfer order which has the names of the respective parties in the transaction. Aadhar card, electricity bill, property tax receipt are some of the other documents to be provided, as well as the unwritten Cidco serial transfer on the wall outside each apartment.
A security guard from a large condominium said: “The people from the agency handed over the letter around Diwali and said they would come back to collect the documents, but they asked us to hand over the Aadhar card and the documents. electricity bills of apartment occupants. ”
There are several apartments for rent in the condominium, while the owners should be made aware of the requirements of the survey. This was, however, in contradiction with the survey which requires agency representatives to visit apartments individually and inform landlords through tenants.
Cidco said: “Those who wish can send us the documents by post or physically deliver them to our office on the 8th floor of the tower, 10 of the Belapur station complex. ”
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Total Cidco properties studied: 128,391


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