A debt rescheduling in the case of a negative private credit checker is generally feasible. Unfortunately, not every financial institution offers this option. First of all, the search for providers becomes the focus of interest. In addition, the personal life situation is crucial for a possible loan.

Debt restructuring with negative private credit checker – the first steps

Debt restructuring with negative private credit checker - the first steps

Anyone planning to reschedule a negative private credit checker must be very careful. There is a lot to consider for the debt restructuring to be successful. Basically, the idea of ​​debt consolidation is good. If possible, all liabilities should be recorded. A systematic listing is therefore at the beginning of the project. Not only are the current loans to be considered, but also any outstanding bills.

All of the value-bearing liabilities are recorded on the planned rescheduling date. The result of the listing is now a sum X. The number specifies the amount of the debt rescheduling loan. Now it is necessary to determine the monthly possible rate.

It is the total that is available taking into account the garnishment exemption limits and current contractual obligations. At this point, everyone can assess for themselves whether the desire for debt restructuring is realistic. Possible additional collateral should also be considered at this time. A guarantor or co-applicant improves the credit outlook.

The provider search for the loan without private credit checker

The provider search for the loan without private credit checker

The clean private credit checker does not play a decisive role for all providers. The help of a reputable credit broker can advance the loan search. The seriousness of the mediator is easy to determine. He will not ask for any upfront costs or advance payments. In addition, he does not offer savings contracts, insurance or credit cards to “improve credit opportunities”. He only takes the data, forwards it to the possible providers and then makes a loan offer.

Offers should be obtained from various credit intermediaries. The financing banks are often the same, but the agency fees and the contract drafting can lead to significant price differences. If the debt rescheduling does not work for a negative private credit checker, or if it is simply too expensive in terms of calculations, then there is still the option of a personal loan.

Debt rescheduling

Debt rescheduling

In the past, private loans were only possible from friends. Today it can be communicated via one of the portals on the Internet. Unfortunately, the service of establishing contacts is not free. About 10 USD have to be paid for the publication of the credit request. In addition, the activation of various certificates is essential for a chance of successful financing. Despite the costs, the effort can be worthwhile.

Private investors are more willing to take risks than banks. In addition, the required interest rates are mostly in line with the market and adjusted to the risk. A disadvantage is the time it takes to get a loan ready for allocation. The publication time of two weeks booked with the first payment of USD 10 is rarely sufficient. The realistic chance of debt restructuring with negative private credit checker is still worth trying.