Eight-unit condominium project under development in Venice


The project would replace a building with three duplexes

By Dolores Quintana

A new eight-unit condominium project is under development on the site of an existing three-duplex property in Venice located at 2308 – 2310 Pisani Place, as reported by And now Los Angeles. The plans were filed with the City of Los Angeles by owner Steve Meepos, co-owner of KMK Management. Breakform Design is managing the design of the project which would include 15,016 square feet that could contain three one-bedroom units, one two-bedroom unit and four three-bedroom penthouse units. The condominium project would be 41 feet tall and called Pisani Place.

Pisani Place would consist of four levels, the ground level would contain a lobby and parking area with 12 spaces and three one-bedroom units of 500 square feet each. The second floor would contain a two-bedroom unit of 1,833 square feet, while the third and fourth levels would contain two three-bedroom units of 2,025 square feet.

On the roof, a 1,415 square foot roof terrace that would be a common space as an convenience for all tenants.

Meepos previously submitted plans for a six-unit project in 2020 which were approved but then appealed. All six unit project plans were withdrawn shortly before the current plans were submitted.


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