Meet the Glasgow woman selling the gorgeous Mount Florida apartment she grew up in


TENEMENT apartments always prove popular when they hit the market in Glasgow, and this beautifully renovated property is sure to appeal to many.

Aisha Shah spent eight months last year completely renovating the apartment she grew up in in Mount Florida.

Calling it “a labor of love”, the property his family originally bought in 1980 has been renovated “from the brick up”.

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Aisha said: “I decided to do a little renovation project and it’s just beautiful now, it looks like a really modern apartment inside, it’s beautifully done.

“It’s totally different from any traditional apartment you will ever see.”

The traditional sandstone apartment has been transformed from a one bedroom property to an ‘immaculate’ two bedroom open plan apartment with modern neutral tones throughout.

The renovation includes a brand new kitchen with integrated appliances, a brand new bathroom, new central heating, wiring and smoke detectors, with the new boiler coming with a five year warranty.

It has herringbone oak floors throughout, the space has now been put to better use and it is more energy efficient.

Aisha, who lives in Dumbreck, says the property is unique for the Glasgow market and is currently on sale for offers in excess of £145,000.

The 37-year-old said: ‘It’s like buying a new build with all your guarantees, but it’s a traditional old sandstone building on the outside.

“In Glasgow you won’t see a traditional old sandstone apartment with warranties like this has been done.

“They won’t have everything renovated, there will be work needed and things broken down, we won’t be anticipating that with this because it was renovated from the brick up, so it was done right.”

Aisha found inspiration online and on trips to London, with the bathroom, her favorite bedroom, inspired by The Landmark Hotel and the floor inspired by a Kensington townhouse.

She said: “Throughout the apartment all the doors and radiators are dark so we’ve gone for a white/dark combination and it works really well, it looks ultra-modern but it’s really easy to maintain.”

Although the renovation went according to plan, the project was impacted by Covid and Brexit.

Aisha said: ‘Trying to get specific color doors, radiators and piping, it’s much more difficult than pre-Covid so there have definitely been challenges in this project and that’s why it has took so long, but it all worked out in the end.”

Although she says it was a difficult decision, Aisha decided to put the apartment on the market because she felt it was “too perfect” to rent.

She said: “I think because it’s my family home and it’s where I grew up, there’s a lot of emotion.

“I’m quite sentimental, I’m attached to it because I’m like ‘aw this is where we grew up’.

“I have mixed emotions.

“My family have since all visited the property and they have pictures there, just because it was our original home, just so we always remember that’s where we started.

“I just want it to go to someone who takes care of it, it’s such a nice place to live in the Southside.”

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Since renovating her apartment, Aisha says other people in the building have been inspired and have come to her for advice.

She also owns the apartment next door which she is now considering as her next renovation project after enjoying this one so much.

Aisha said, “I’m so excited for my next project now, I’m buzzing, I have so many ideas.”

You can see photos of the apartment below or see the full list HERE.

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