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A family of otters bathe in a condominium pool in Singapore. – Screenshot via Facebook / John McAuliffe

KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 – A family of otters have been caught on camera taking a shortcut through a condominium pool to a road in Singapore.

The 1.11 minute clip shared by John McAuliffe on the Singapore Wildlife Encounters Facebook group was shot in a condominium on Holland Road.

The mammals were seen frolicking in the pool while others explored the edge of the pool before joining the others to swim by the pool.

The otters then ran to the main gate of the condo and made their way to the main road to continue to their unknown destination.

Norman Lim said otters have roamed Singapore for almost 10 years, but the government is doing nothing and letting the creatures destroy a lot.

“I hope they will go to Istana and have fun someday.”

Charles Tay asked what authorities are doing about the problem as the otter population grows and can be seen everywhere.

Singapore otters have a bad reputation for cleaning ponds with fish.

In May, a family of otters reportedly ate nearly 100 fish, including huge koi carp, in two ponds at St. Therese Church along the Kampung Bahru road.

Last year, former Singaporean actress Jazreel Low caught wild otters gnawing at her pet fish, including a prized arowana at her Aramsa The Garden spa in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

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