Pachamalai dormitory is a huge success


The Pachamalai Forest Department’s ecotourism effort has attracted large numbers of tourists, with visitors from different parts of the state heading for the hills.

According to Forest officials, tourists have pre-booked the dormitory which is low cost accommodation. “There are two dormitories and each dormitory can accommodate 10 adults,” said a forester. The Hindu on Sunday.

Tourists are delighted with the facility and additional entertainment available at Pachamalai. The nearby interpretive center was another attraction for visitors, especially children. “The sound of each animal and the detailed description of various species of butterflies in Pachamalai caught the attention of a number of tourists,” the official said.

The Forestry Department has plans to provide air conditioning to some of the rooms in the tree-top houses. “There has been a demand for air-conditioned suits and we plan to respond to the same,” he said.

A fair rent of 2,000 per day was a major draw for the dormitory. “Visitors from far away places stay in the dormitory and tour important places. Another attraction is the herbal farm set up by the Forestry Department, ”he said.

Monsoon failure

Due to the continued failure of the monsoon, a sample of tourists who come to the waterfall are very disappointed. “We hope that the water flow in the falls will stabilize if the monsoon sets in without delay,” he said. The Forestry Department had developed the area by installing 80 stone steps deep into the hills as part of an ecotourism project. “Before the implementation of the project, the falls were not accessible. But, the installation of stone steps made it easier for tourists to access the falls and take a bath, ”he said.


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