This warehouse district storage facility will become a mixed-use condominium


The same developer who turned an abandoned warehouse into a luxury condominium plans to convert the Howard & Baronne Storage Center, located at 846 Baronne Street, into a mixed-use apartment.

A $34 million project, the unit will have 50 units on the third, fourth and fifth levels and retail space on the ground floor.

The existing building is four stories tall and measures 110,000 square feet. Recently, the developer – using the name 864 Baronne Street, LLC – received approval to add a fifth floor to the building, which will be used as the penthouse level for the development. According to the plan, the developer will first build the shell of the fifth floor, then proceed with interior renovations.

Plans for 846 Baronne Street
via the City of New Orleans / One Stop

The development is in relationship with developer Orleans Properties, which has two condominiums planned in the Warehouse District: 628 Baroness and 701 South Peter Streets. Like 846 Baronne Street, both condominiums will be converted sites.

The condominium will be designed by Terrell Fabacher Architects, LLC. Orleans Shoring will act as general contractor.


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