Tomas sues the contractor of a municipal condominium


The mayor of the city of CEBU, Tomas Osmeña, plans to file a complaint against Allan Dino, whom he identified as an affiliate of the contractor who built the city-owned condominium on N. Bacalso avenue.

The condo, or the Hilly Land Dormitory, was built in the late 90s as a mid-sized social housing project. It was later converted to house the scholars of the mountain barangay city.

However, engineers from the General Service Office and the Office of the Building Manager (OBO) inspected the condo in June 2016 and discovered that the building had many signs of damage.

A year later, the Department of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW) and the OBO recommended that the structure be condemned. It was also found that the building stands on top of a chasm.

During his press conference, Osmeña alleged that the contractor did not perform a soil test before the building was constructed. Contractor Octa Builders has reportedly been linked to Allan.

Allan is the brother of Visayas presidential assistant Michael Dino.

“Dino was behind, Brother Allan, but it’s the same family. That’s why I blacklisted the Dino family from City Hall a long time ago. They didn’t do the soil test, and it’s (condo) too expensive, ”Osmeña said.

Questions about the integrity of the structure were raised last week by opposition advisers Joel Garganera and Pastor Alcover Jr.

After establishing the Dr. Jose Rizal 24/7 Public Library in response to a request from a student, Osmeña announced plans to convert some buildings in the city into study centers, including the condo.

Earlier, Osmeña said that some corrective measures can be taken to save the structure. He wants to make the first two floors a study center. For this reason, opposition officials called the mayor “inconsistent”.

Osmeña, however, lamented that he was only “paying for the sins of the previous administration.”

“This condo was built by Dino (Allan) during the time of (former mayor) Alvin Garcia. I will now discuss and develop an argument on the reasons why they did not do a soil analysis before constructing the building. I would like to remind the public that a complaint has been filed against Garcia because DPWH said this building was too expensive, ”he said.

In 2001, Garcia and 10 city officials, and Octa Builders were asked by the Audit Commission to reimburse the city government for the P 23.9 million they spent to build the condo in 1997.

Aside from the flaws cited by state auditors in their fact-finding investigation and value-for-money audit, the five-story building was found to be overpriced by 8 million pesos. .

Osmeña said the case was, however, dismissed by the Sandiganbayan.

“The case we’re going to bring against Dino (Allan) now is why did he build this building without a soil test that would show a sinkhole. The overpricing, we can no longer deposit.

SunStar Cebu has attempted to reach City Attorney Joseph Bernaldez about the statute of limitations for the case the mayor is considering, but has received no response.

The mayor said he wanted to save the condo structure as it would cost the City a lot of money to build a new building for the study center.
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